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1. Questions about making DIY LED fixtures.

1.1 Questions on fixtures manufacturing.

1.2 Questions on manufacturing LARGE fixtures.


2. Questions on the components schematic.

2.1 Questions on the LED assemblies shematic.

2.2 Questions on the shematic of other components.


3. Questions about components usage.

3.1 Question on the usage of 12x LED assemblies.

3.2 Questions about the LED controller.

3.3 Questions on usage of light diode assemblies for the “vegetative” spectrum.

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Theoretical and practical aspects of LED lighting

What type of light is available to corals in nature? What type of light do corals require for growth and for best coloration? Under what spectrum will your reef tank look its best? You will find the answers to these questions in this section.

All you need for DIY

Do you want to build a DIY LED fixture that would best fit your tank’s requirements, using the state of the art technological achievements and the highest grade components? You will find the answers to these questions in this section.


Building a DIY LED fixture has never been so easy! Find the answers to many questions that hundreds of others have asked. Everything you want to know about building DIY LED fixtures is available in this section.