Concept LED fixture

ReefLEDLab is happy to present a concept fixture for marine aquarium, constructed on our flagship assemblies.  Allow to note, that it's just a concept, like a concept cars - not for production, but for a demonstration purpose only. Creating this concept we was trying to show, what result may be achieved by applying the most advanced, innovative technologies not only in LED lighting, but in cooling systems and constructional materials too.

The mission of this concept, as well as any other concept, to test ideas and technologies. All knowledge and experience, which was received during this creating, we will use in developing of full-spectral LED projectors line, which we are going to present this summer.

What we achieved:
1 . The thinnest LED fixture with passive cooling on powerful light-emitting diodes in the world. Case thickness only 0.79" (20 mm).

2 . The lightest LED fixture with passive cooling and power 360Вт in the world. Weight is less than 9 lb (4 kg).

3 . The best thermal mode of light-emitting diodes in the world for fixtures with passive cooling. The settled temperature of LED crystals at 100% loading - about 140F (60C), temperature of radiator fins - less than 113F (45C).

The solution of these tasks became possible only thanks to application of the most advanced technologies available today. The most important for achievement of this result is use of light-emitting diodes with the highest efficiency on our assemblies. Their parameters here.  We believe that these assemblies represent the best decision for LED illumination of a reef aquarium. In detail our vision of this question is presented in article, published on the Advancedaquarist. 

Now let's see the design features of the fixture which provided so outstanding parameters.
Fixture case, so thin but strong enough, can be made only from one material - carbon. The weight of this carbonic case is a little more than 2 lb (1 kg). Steel case with same rigidity which usually is used for similar fixtures, would have weight more than 15 lb (7 kg). Besides more than sevenfold advantage in weight, carbon doesn't rust at all and have hi-tech appearance.

One more factor of success in creating so elegant fixture was cooling system specially constructed for our 12up diodes assemblies.  Only one fact about radiator for one assembly - it's weight less 290 gr or 0,64 lb, while weight of a common aluminum radiator with a similar thermal productivity would be more than 2 lb (1 kg), three times heavier.

Unfortunately, inner configuration of fixture case is very complicated and can be executed only manually. In addition, carbon is quite expensive material. Therefore the price of this concept-fixture is high. However, if the community is interested in such fixture, its price by small-scale production complete with Redundant Power Supply may be about 2000USD.

We will answer to any questions about this concept-fixture with pleasure. 


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