FAQ: 1.2 Questions on manufacturing BIG fixtures.


  • 1.2.1 What is the maximum size of a LED fixture I can make with your LED assemblies?Open or Close

    All the components in our webstore were designed for quick and easy assembly of DIY LED fixtures of any size, from tiny to huge. There are no size limitations. You can use our wizard to find out the numbers and types of required components.

  • 1.2.2 What is the maximum length of the cable from the controller to the drivers?Open or Close

    The controller was designed for stability of operation in close proximity to power wires. Usually our drivers can be successfully controlled with cable lengths of up to 2 meters (about 80”). This length can be extended by using a shielded cable. You can make a shield by wrapping a screen on the top of its surface: a conductive net or aluminum foil along the whole length of the cable, or passing the cable through a metal profile or pipe. This screen must be connected to the metal frame of the fixture and to the “-“ terminal of the power supply. The power supply unit itself should be grounded.

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