FAQ: 2.2 Questions on scheme technology of other components.


  • 2.2.1 Why are fuses installed on your driver assemblies? Wouldn't an LED in an excess current condition burn quicker than the fuse?Open or Close

    Conductors in an LED are rated for long-termed operation of at least two times nominal current. That is why there is a high probability that the fuse would save LED's in the event of an accident. But even if this doesn’t occur, the fuse will protect the drivers PCB against ignition, which can occur in certain circumstances.

  • 2.2.2 How do I use connecting terminals?Open or Close

    Connecting terminals are designed to provide power from the power supply to other components. In the set you will receive two connecting terminals. Each of them has a three-contact connector. We recommend the first contact point to connect a wire from the power supply, and in the remaining two contacts – the wires of the same polarity from all driver assemblies and controller. You can distribute them for your convenience on both sides of the connecting terminals. If the fixture is large and there are many power supply wires, you can also use the first contact terminal to connect wires from the loads. Attention! It is not advisable to use wires of different diameters in one connection! This can result in a bad electrical contact.

  • 2.2.3 What is the defect rate of your components during the first year of operation?Open or Close

    We strive firmly to reduce the percent of defective products of our items. Besides, all of them go through 100% “hot” testing after their manufacturing. Unfortunately, we cannot provide life testing for each of our components. For this reason, a small percentage of the components fail in the initial operating period. We strive firmly to have this figure as small as possible. For example, for 2x driver assemblies, the failure during the first 30 days of operation is one assembly per thousand. After a month of operation the component failures during the first year is equal to zero.

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