FAQ: 3.2 Questions about the light diodes controller


  • 3.2.1 I have a controller with PWM outputs. Can I use it to control your drivers?Open or Close

    Most probably yes. Please make sure that during the non-active condition of your modulation signal, its voltage is not more than 0.5V, and in the active condition not less than 1.5V and no more than 24V, but in any case it should never more than the driver voltage coming from the power supply.

  • 3.2.2 Can I use a six channel controller with seven channel 12x LED assemblies?Open or Close

    Yes. To do that you should tie any two channels of LEDs in each assembly into one channel. In our opinion, uniting the turquoise and blue channels will appear more logical. Please, bear in mind, that such a merging will limit your possibilities of adjusting the LED assembly spectrum that relates to the merged channels as the intensity of irradiation from those diodes would change synchronously.

  • 3.2.3 Why do you use only PWM, and not analog?Open or Close

    Analog dimming for the overwhelming majority of the drivers types permits having only 256 steps of dimming. For a few drivers it is not more than 512 steps. This resolution is not enough for accurate control of the spectrum. Our drivers allow 20 thousand steps of dimming between 1µA and 1A in ~50µA increments.

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