FAQ: 3.3 Questions on usage of light diode assemblies with “vegetative” spectrum.


  • 3.3.1 Can I use theses assemblies for land plant illumination?Open or Close

    Yes, you can use these assemblies for land plant illumination. However, the assemblies’ spectrum is designed primarily for biomass growth, so if you wish to activate plant flowering first, it is desirable to use additional light sources with a short wave spectrum.

  • 3.3.2 How many assemblies should one use for lighting of land plants?Open or Close

    Assembly quantity depends on the type of a plant and its desired growth rate. In case of poor lighting as a guide you can use the following rule: For shade tolerant it is necessary to install light diode assemblies approximately 50W per square meter. For photophilic plants, 150W per square meter. For extreme photophilic plants, 300W per square meter. When using high light intensities, you should provide the plants with all their required nutrients, first of all CO2.

    We do not advise to exceed the length of the light day beyond 16 hours; 10-12 hours is optimum. Please, locate light diode assemblies evenly over the area needing to be lit. When the fixture must be hung from a distance, the use of a lens is recommended.

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