Big aquariums with luminaries created on our components have begun to operate.


The operation of luminaries on two big aquariums in the shopping centre MEGA-2 , Alma-Ata has been begun. The luminaries were created on basis 12х LED assembly for marine aquaria v1.0 Both aquariums have following dimensions: the length is 6 meters, the height is 2 meters, the width is 2 meters.
One aquarium represents a reef, the luminary power is 7400watts.

The second one is a shark aquaria where 12x assemblies with white light diodes are used besides 12х LED assembly for marine aquaria v1.0. Thus, visual brightness of this luminary is much higher and its power is considerably less, in total 4500watts.

This experience shows that our circuitry solutions let us create lighting for big aquaria system without any problems.

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