The revolutionary system of LED aquarium light, named BEAMS, will available for sales soon!

The BEAMS system, which has incorporated all our knowledge and experience and many years of practical experience of thousands of our customers, is a revolutionary step ahead in resolutions of most important problems of aquarium light. For the first time, BEAMS system allows saying that these problems are almost entirely resolved. BEAMS system additionally provides convenience in assembling the light-emitting-device lamp which was unattainable earlier.

The BEAMS system consisting two most important state-of-the-art and unique units.
First - the LED assemblies for any type of aquaria:

Second - the driver/controller assembly:

BEAMS provide such advantages:
The uniformity of the spectrum of lighting area is close to ideal.
The uniformity of lighting is almost ideal, fluctuating is less than 20%. Usual light fixtures, including T5 lamps, has such fluctuating far bigger.
The efficacy of converting of electric power to the light is far bigger than from usual fixtures and noticeably better than for usual LED solutions.
The unprecedented simplicity of assembling of the fixture - the all assembling procedures, including all tune-up can be made in a few minutes.
The big amount of new function of the TrueSpectrum controller is linked to entering of the BEAMS system to the market.


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