BEAMS-R v2 LED assembly


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At the moment there aren’t even remote analogues of the BEAMS-R v2 LED assemblies which could be compared to them combining these main characteristics:
- the number of LED control channels. There are 7 in this assembly.
- the density of the installation of LEDs. This assembly contains 8 LEDs which optical centers do not extend beyond a circle with a diameter of 12 mm.
- the type of LEDs used. This assembly is widely used a Luxeon C colour LEDs, which are especially designed for luminaires with adjustable spectrum. The latest and most efficient in the world royal blue LEDs Cree XP-G3 are also used.
- the thermal conductivity of the material of the printed circuit board (PCB). Thermal conductivity of the special Polytronics material is approximately 12 times higher than that of inexpensive metal plates  

Maximum power consumption, W: 25
Recommended power consumption*, W: 15
The length of LED assembly, mm 30
The width of LED assembly, mm 40
The height of LED assembly, mm 4,2
Diameter of the mounting holes, mm 3,3
Distance between the centers of the mounting holes, mm 26
Weight, g 7
Connection without soldering yes
Lifetime of LED assembly until the amount of radiation reaches 70% of the original, hours** >100K

*To achieve the best price/performance ratio. Also, this mode of use is recommended when using a heat sink with passive cooling.
**Being part of the BEAMS system, following the terms of usage and for the temperature of LED crystals no more than 70° C and current not more than 70% of maximum.


  • Assembly is a true full-spectrum source of light
  • Small size
  • 8 powerful LEDs
  • 5 newest Luxeon C color LEDs
  • 2 newest TSLC N3535U LEDs
  • 1 newest Cree XP-G3 LED
  • 8 varieties of LEDs in 7 independent control channels, which provide for all spectrum formation needs for marine aquariums***
  • Assemblies are sufficient for the best colouring and visual perception of marine aquariums with corals and fish, the amount of radiation
  • Minimizing the appearance of colour spots in the aquarium due to the maximum density of the LEDs on the board
  • Plug-in connection of assemblies to drivers without soldering, with zero installation effort, greatly simplifying the assembly process
  • 100% output quality control of all LEDs and finished assemblies

*** Similar solutions are not yet available on the market, as of January 2018

Try to avoid tainting the LEDs, including with sebum. Wear gloves when installing the LED assembly.

How to install flexible ribbon cables into the ZIF connectors.
1.Open the connector retainer by pulling it out by its edge connector:

The effort required for this is very little, please do not use a lot of force to avoid breaking the lock

2. Place the flexible ribbon cable with its contacts facing up. Insert it into the ZIF connector until it stops. This is done with small effort.
Then, simultaneously press on the edges of the retainer, using the back of the ZIF connector until it stops.
Push the lock into the connector until it stops.

The required force is not big. Please apply the same force to both edges of the retainer not allowing it to skew.

3. The properly closed lock of the ZIF connector looks like this:

Pay attention - the gap between the retainer edges and the body of the connector is completely absent.

Correctly assembled BEAMS system module chain looks like this:
Please click on the picture to view it full size

Please note that if the ED assemblies are placed correctly the inscription BEAMS V1.0 and inductors is at the bottom.


The composition of LEDs in the assembly:
Color Max. current Max. voltage
on the chain
Wavelength /
Color temperature
LED emitter type
Violet 1000ma 3.3V 405-410nm TSLC N3535U 850-900mW @ 500mA, 2pcs
Royal blue 1000ma 3.1V 450-455nm Cree XP-G3 XPGDRY-L1-0000-00601
Blue 1000ma 3.3V 475-480nm Luxeon C BLU1000000000, E40
Turquoise 1000ma 2.9V 496-500nm Luxeon C L1C1-CYN1000000000, L20
Mint 1000ma 3V -* Luxeon C L1C1-MNT1000000000, Flux bin V
PC Amber 1000ma 2.9V -* Luxeon C L1C1-PCA1000000000 , bin P
Red 1000ma 2.4V 620-630nm Luxeon C L1C1-RED1000000000 , bin F
* wide-spectrum LED

The material of the PCB - Polytronics TCB-C
Coming soon...

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