Diffuser v2w
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The Diffuser is improved version of an earlier Diffuser, that received a such improvements:
- transparency of Diffuser was increased approximately on 10%, total transparency over 90%
- better light diffusing due to special precision holographic structurues on inner surface
- height of Diffuser was decreased down to 10mm, thus light fixture may have a less thickness

Outer diameter is 50mm / 19.69in
Inner diameter is 46mm / 1.81in 
Height is 10mm / 0.39in.
Diffusing angle 80 degree


Macro photograph of the light diffusing material surface. Made by Luminit, inner surface consist of holographic refracting structures. Outer surface is smooth, durable for dirt and attrition.

The inner surface of the Diffusers v2 is sensitive to contaminants, especially to the skin secretions. We recommend installation of the Diffusers V2 by using gloves.





  • Hermetically seals the 12x LED assembly, protecting from dirt, moisture, etc., resulting in a dramatic increase of LEDs’ lifespan and maintaining constant light output * 
  • Effectively mixes the radiation of all LEDs on the 12x LED assembly, minimizing the "disco effect" 
  • Can be used on LEDs with or without secondary optics 
  • Easy to attach to the MCPCB using a silicone sealant, preferably neutral type. Do not use Cyanoacrylates, also known as "superglue"






   “*”No competing solutions were available on the market by November, 2016

 In case of installing 12x LED assembles without secondary optics the recommended height above water for saltwater tank is 10-15cm, for freshwater tank is 12-20cm.

Make a DIY LED fixture using our LED assembly: Video Tutorial:

Note: – the tutorial was made using rev. 2.2 of the 6-channel LED assembly and a different connector. You can also watch our video tutorial on how to use the new connectors.

Using the KRP crimper tool:

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