Connection terminals, 2pcs
  Product code: 222-413


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The connection terminal is for the convenient assembly of power cables.
Connection terminals, analogue of Wago 222-413 are sold in pairs, the price and weight is for 2 pieces.

Connection terminals 222-413 seize 3 fine wire conductors from 0.08 (AWG28) to 2.5 (AWG13) Due to the lever's recessed design it can't accidentally be pressed on when installing it in a tight space. All terminals in the assembly are connected sequentially. Thus, a wire from the power supply can be installed in the first terminal, and the wires from the loads in the others. Prior to installation you should remove 9-10mm of insulation from the wire end, then raise an orange terminal lever, enter the stripped wire end into the terminal opening and lower the lever.

NOTE: You should install only unipolar conductors in one terminal!

Additional information about the product can be found in the technical document (Wago 222-413)

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