12х LED assembly for freshwater aquaria v4.2F
Version 4.2F Product code: 12xV4.2F


Availability:  Pre-order

This product is obsolete and will not be available any longer. The information is provided for reference purposes. Please use instead of it the new version

Differences from Rev. 12xV4.1F.
1. The Turquous LED has been replaced by the Luxeon Rebel ES LXML-PE01 bin: L4R LED.

Color Connectors
of chain of
Max. current Max. voltage
on the chain
Wavelength /
Color temperature
LED emitter type
Cool White X1 pin1 -> X2 pin6 1000ma 10.8V CCT:8300-10000K Semileds C35L-W0-A,130-148lm @ 350mA, 3pcs
Blue  X1 pin2 ->
X2 pin5
1000ma 3.6V 460-470nm Semileds C35L-BN-A, 30.6-35.2lm @ 350mA
Turquois X1 pin3 ->
X2 pin4
1000ma 3.5V 500-505nm Luxeon Rebel ES LXML-PE01 bin: L4R
Neutral White X1 pin4 ->
X2 pin3
1000ma 10.8V CCT:3700-4300K Semileds C35L-W1-A, 130-139lm @ 350mA, 3pcs
Red X1 pin5 ->
X2 pin2
700ma 2.8V 620-630nm Semileds C35L-R, 51.7lm up @ 350mA
Cool White X1 pin6 -> X2 pin1 1000ma 10.8V CCT:8300-10000K Semileds C35L-W0-A,130-148lm @ 350mA, 3pcs

The binning info of TSLC C3535L/C3535M. 


Total power consumption, W: ​ up to 39
Board dimensions:  
             Length, mm / in   70 / 2.77
            Width, mm / in 60 / 2.37
            Height, mm / in 7.4 / 0.29
Mounting holes diameter, mm / in 3.3 / 0.13
Mounting holes spacing, mm / in 47.5 / 1.88
Weight, grams / oz 33 / 1.16
Completely solderless assembly. Matching connectors are included. YES


The LED assembly must be used with matching LED drivers. If using with ReedLedLab controller and drivers, control channels on the drivers can be configured by jumpers. Instructions.



  • Full-spectrum
  • Small dimensions (size is determined by secondary optics)
  • 12 power LEDs, Latest C35 generation by Semileds
  • 5 LED types combined in 5 independent channels, to provide unique control over spectrum*
  • Sufficient radiation power and suitable spectrum for best coloration and growth in a freshwater planted tank
  • Minimized “Disco effect”, due to densely populated LEDs and the use of hybrid secondary optics with diffusers
  • A completely solderless solution simplifies the assembly
  • 100% quality control for all LEDs on the assembly



“*” No competing solutions were available on the market by December, 2015

Make a DIY LED fixture using our LED assembly: Video Tutorial:

Note: – the tutorial was made using rev. 2.2 of the 6-channel LED assembly and a different connector. You can also watch our video tutorial on how to use the new connectors.

Using the KRP crimper tool:

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