3х LED assembly with violet LEDs Semileds V1.0U
Version 1.0U Product code: 3xV1.0U


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Color Max. current Max. voltage drop on the chain Wavelength  LED emitter type
Power connector X1. 
Violet, near to UV
Violet, actinic spectrum
800ma 11V 400-410nm
Semileds C35L-U 400-410nm 400-480mW @ 350mA
Semileds C35L-U 410-420nm 400-480mW @ 350mA, 2pcs.


Total power consumption, W:  up to 8.8
Board dimensions:  
             Length, mm / in   38 / 1.50
            Width, mm / in 30 / 1.18
            Height, mm / in 7.4 / 0.29
Mounting holes diameter, mm / in 3.3 / 0.13
Mounting holes spacing, mm / in 24 / 0.94
Weight, grams / oz 9 / 0.32
Completely solderless assembly. Matching connectors are included. YES



  • Complements your existing LED fixture with True Violet actinic radiation to provide for best coloration, fluorescence, and coral growth*
  • 3 power C35L-U LEDs by Semileds 
  • Top efficiency*
  • Small dimensions (size is determined by secondary optics)
  • A completely solderless solution simplifies the assembly
  • 100% quality control for all LEDs and the assembly




“*” No competing solutions were available on the market by November, 2013

NOTE: This LED produces a large quantity of short wavelength radiation which can be very dangerous for your eyesight! It is forbidden to look at the LED radiation from a short distance or in the darkness.


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