12х medium-beam lens (FWHM40)
Version 1.0 Product code: 12xFWHM40


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Lens dimensions:  
             Outer diameter, mm / in   45 / 1.77
             Height, mm / in 7.8 / 0.31
Weight, grams / oz 8 / 0.28
Divergence angle FWHM40
Front surface finish smooth

When using a diffuser divergence angle increases to FWHM80.



  • High efficiency
  • Low profile
  • When hanging high above water surface, can be used without diffusers
  • Attach with neutral silicone ot other neutral glue (do not use Cyanoacrylates, also known as "superglue")

          Recommended for use with
          In case of installation with diffuser, the recommended height above water is 25-40cm
          In case of installation without diffuser the recommended height above water is 40-60cm




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