A high quality cable with 14 wires AWG23
  Product code: 14wire


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High quality 14-lead cable for wiring the electrical connections between LEDs and drivers and supplying power to the drivers.

The price is per 1 meter (approximately 40"). 

The cable consists of 14 separate copper wires with different color markings. Each wire has a great number of conductors that provides reliability at wire bend in case of small radiuses.

The cross-section area of each wire is 0, (0.6mil)

This cable is suitable for interconnections between any LED assemblies, single LED, and driver assemblies from ReefLedLab.

Choose a cable with the number of conductors matching the number of channels of your LED assemblies multiplied by 2. For example, if you plan to use 5-channel assemblies, you should buy a cable with 10 wires.

NOTE! The cable has a special powder filling for flexibility.

Make a DIY LED fixture using our LED assembly: Video Tutorial:

Note: – the tutorial was made using rev. 2.2 of the 6-channel LED assembly and a different connector. You can also watch our video tutorial on how to use the new connectors.

Using the KRP crimper tool:

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